The following is a list of News Flash! Wiki Rules and Policies. Every user at News Flash! Wiki are expected to follow these.

All users in good standing may enforce the rules. Bureaucrats and Administrators may issue blocks in the case of repeated denial of the rules.

News Flash! Wiki RulesEdit

  • Because News Flash! Wiki is a small, low activity wiki, incidents and situations will generally be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  • Assume Good Faith - assume that the other editors on the wiki mean well
  • Please be familiar with News Flash! Wiki's Manual of Style before editing.
  • Civility - be civil in your dealings with others. No personal attacks, unnecessarily abusive language, patronizing behavior, baiting, etc...
  • Images uploaded to News Flash! Wiki must follow the Image Policy.
  • Vandalism is not tolerated.
  • Competence is required to edit News Flash! Wiki. Editors who can't understand the rules or whose grasp of the written English language is insufficient enough to require heavy copyediting will be blocked from editing to prevent them from causing unnecessary work for other editors.
  • Usernames must meet our Username Policy or be blocked from editing.
  • Be aware that no one Owns any part of any article. Once something is posted on News Flash! Wiki, it is considered to be in the public domain.
  • Follow the Talk Page Guidelines.
  • Dispute Resolution is far less formal than it is on Wikipedia. If you have a dispute with another user, first attempt to seek resolution on the talk page of the article. If that fails, ask other editors for opinions. If worst comes to worst, the staff will vote on it.
    • Edit Wars will result in the warred-over article being locked temporarily.
  • News Flash! Wiki is not censored. Profanity in articles should be done only in an encyclopedic manor; for example, dog poo should be referred to with the proper term 'dog feces' rather than 'dog shit'. However, profanity within the wiki, such as one character referring to another as a bitch, should be reproduced verbatim.
  • Sockpuppetry (operating multiple accounts) and Meatpuppetry (using other users soley to advance your view in a dispute) is strictly prohibited and will get you banned.
  • There is no formal Article for Deletion process on News Flash! Wiki. If you think something needs to be deleted, ask a bureaucrat or administrator.
  • There is no formal Request for Adminship process on News Flash! Wikia. Because this is a small community, adminshipship will be be offered to deserving editors by the bureaucrats. If you want to request admin rights, ask either of the bureaucrats.
    • If you want Rollback Rights, ask a bureaucrat, and state why you want them. Rollback rights, like adminship, may be offered to deserving editors.
    • Your request for promotion will be rejected immediately if you have been blocked from News Flash! Wiki in the past. Poor conduct on other wikis may also be used against you, depending on the details of the conduct.
  • No one operating this wikia has either Checkuser or Oversight rights. If you need oversight or a checkuser, please go to Wikia Central and follow the instructions there, or use Special:Contact to request help from Wikia's Staff.

News Flash! Wikia specifics=Edit

  • Notability is not an issue on News Flash! Wikia. This wiki is specifically about the News Industry, and anything related to it (voice actors of characters, deleted characters) is considered notable.
  • News Flash! Wiki follows the principle of Inclusionism, and rejects the principles of Deletionism in regards to all things related to Bully.
  • Speculation and Original Research are tolerated within reason, as much of the information available is deduced from the dialogue of the characters within the game. However, original research and speculation should be identified as such rather than stated as a fact.
  • Please follow the Fair Use Policy on text.
  • Only administrators and bureaucrats may change Page Quotes. This is due to repeated edit-wars over the quotes.
    • Quotes on pages violate the fair use policy on text, which is why the Character quotes sections have all been deleted.
    • This is also why we do not allow mission scripts to be posted on this wikia.

News Flash! General Chat RulesEdit

The following rules are for the News Flash! General Chat forum.

  • Follow the Talk Page Guidelines.
  • Obey the Civility Guidelines at all times.
  • Do NOT spam or advertise other websites unless they are other Wikia websites.
  • Stay on topic in the individual discussion threads.
  • Start topics that do not directly relate to bully with OT:(subject), for example, OT:Football for Football topic.
  • Always sign your comments using four tildes: ~~~~

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